About Us

20x20 Vision20×20 Vision is a group of individuals and vision professionals who have come together to create a comprehensive resource library to address vision challenges and solutions for both adults and children as well as access to resources to meet life challenges for people with vision disabilities.

A 2010 study published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Studies, reveals that people with low vision issues frequently don’t learn from their ophthalmologists as well as other medical suppliers about low vision rehabilitation alternatives. This gap is filled in by 20×20.

To accommodate this growing community, it is paramount for us to understand that help can be obtained form a number of different sources.

New visitors to 20×20 will discover:

Free, practical strategies and resources for both adults and children with vision loss, their families, friends as well as their health professionals such as optometrists and etymologists, and finally professionals that interact with visually challenged individuals.

Informative data on illnesses and eye diseases

Different ways to connect, including message boards and social networking like Facebook and Twitter

Breaking news on the most recent developments in vision loss treatment via the 20×20 site

Web directories of resources, goods, and helpful services

The newest 20×20 goal is to help people who have vision loss so that they can reach their full potential.